April 12, 2014

Exhibitor Inquiry Form

Reach the Trade and Consumers As the National Wine Experience Moves to Its New Home at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Come participate in America’s premier, national trade and consumer wine exhibition at the 2nd Annual National Wine Experience (NWE). Now in its second year, the NWE will be held at one of the country’s premier convention center venues: the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

For wineries or other vendors who may not be familiar with the NWE, the show exclusively features wineries from across the United States.  The event will also feature gourmet and specialty food vendors, trade and consumer seminars, exclusive trade hours, a wine garden and the winners of a major new national wine competition. 

By participating, your winery will join others from every region of the U.S. – well over 30 states – for this extraordinary and singular weekend.  The national and international trade and wine-obsessed consumers will get an unparalleled opportunity to taste, compare, contrast and order wine from both established and emerging wine regions across the country. 

Wineries interested in exhibiting at the NWE are also strongly encouraged to participate in the new  competition.  Wineries that enter this premier wine competition may receive tremendous recognition, bragging rights and benefits that will enhance the stature and sales of your business.

Details concerning the new wine competition will be sent to all wineries that fill out the Exhibitor Inquiry Form on the National Wine Experience website.  This information will not be sent out until the Fall of 2013.

The NWE features exclusive hours for the trade and a large Exhibition Hall designed to highlight hundreds of American wineries.  Eventually, a few thousand American wineries are expected to exhibit at the event and an entire day or two will be set aside for the trade.

Exhibitors will receive a booth (different sizes are available), table(s), pipe and drape and will appear on the National Wine Experience website as well as on the Exhibitors Map and Program.  Exhibitors will receive an Exhibitor Application via e-mail once the Exhibitor Inquiry Form has been filled out, which contains much more information about exhibiting at the event. 

We hope that you decide to join us for the 2nd Annual National Wine Experience.  This is America’s national wine show – your national wine show – and the perfect opportunity for your winery and wine region to gain exposure to a national audience on a national stage.

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